College Leadership

Michael Bray


“Gorgeous wife, three cool kids. Forgiven and free. The rest is a bonus! I love ultra-marathons, classic cars, going to the footy and perfecting the art of home espresso. I am passionate about helping young people find their God-given purpose. I believe Christian education is the perfect opportunity to do this. I have the best job in the universe!”

Mia Patterson

Deputy Principal

“I can’t believe I get to do what I love every day. Still after 35 years in schools my heart sings when I am teaching young people or chatting with staff. I love camping, dancing and the beach and feel daily blessed to be doing life with a wonderful husband, three grown up kids and heaps of wonderful Christian colleagues who dedicate their days to growing incredible young humans.”

Warren Seip

Assistant Principal Primary

“I exist to help others win. I cannot believe I get to help our children and our staff become all that they can be. I have a vivacious wife and an effervescent son. We love to travel, but when we are home, we travel a lot to our favourite cafes here in our beautiful city.”

Michael Proellocks

Assistant Principal Secondary

“Working with teenagers is so rewarding! To be able to do so at a Christ-centred workplace is even better!  I love interacting with our highschoolers, helping them become the best versions of themselves. When not at work, I enjoy exploring new places, travelling, trying new things and spending time with family and friends.”

Ken Wootton

Chairman & Senior Pastor

“Together with my amazing wife Moira, and my three fantastic kids, we’re passionate to make a difference in the world. Married for over 30 years. We live by the adage of making a positive difference everywhere!”