Student Journey

Highlands provides the convenience and strength of seamlessly transitioning every student from Prep through to Year 12 graduation, with the added benefit of a community culture where all students can experience belonging and worth. Tap the buttons below to learn more about the Highlands student journey.

Primary Years

Prep to Year 6

Prep to Year 6 has a focus on reading, numbers, and character development as foundations for academic success. We will encourage your child with active engagement and tailor our learning to build challenging opportunities for your child in this vital, foundational stage.

Our skilled and creative educators are able to draw on a wide variety of resources and practices to facilitate your child’s learning, equipping them with the skills and abilities to critically think, innovate, and create.

Our aim is to develop your child to enable them to contribute in a positive and meaningful way in their community. We do this by providing a nurturing classroom environment where your child will grow academically, socially and emotionally.

Middle Years

Years 7 to 10

Year 7 to Year 10 is an exciting time in your child’s education where growth and change will influence who they are and who they are becoming.  We believe that these vital years are best served by an education program that is specifically tailored to the developmental, social and spiritual needs of young adolescents. We see this opportunity to provide guidance and support to adolescents as a natural and necessary element of the Middle Years program.

Throughout the Middle Years, students are encouraged to take risks with their learning and not always stay within their comfort zone. They are given opportunities to identify those areas in which they are competent and those in which they need to persist in order to achieve.

The social and emotional health at this age is deeply rooted in a sense of belonging and understanding. We deliver unique educational programs designed to support the development of self-aware, responsible and resilient young people as we guide them through their journey into adulthood.

Senior Years

Years 11 and 12

Your child will study a more specialised course of subjects based on their intended educational and career pursuits at a post-secondary level.  Our dedicated staff will assist and support your child as they navigate the multi-faceted choices that are available.  We pride ourselves in offering a range of pathways for each young person, whether it be directly into the workforce, beginning an apprenticeship or tertiary placement.

Our hope is that your child will leave our College with more than just knowledge or information – but with a sense of Kingdom-mindedness and the skills and abilities to critically think, innovate and create. Our College desires to develop leaders who will not simply be a part of this world but will rise up to influence all areas of life; business, arts, politics, medicine and science.

It’s important to us as a College that as we partner with you your child will become well equipped as they journey into the world outside of school.  The graduates of Highlands Christian College are confident and highly resilient adults.