Our Campus

Highlands is a Campus with a heart to empower people from every age and stage in life to reach their full potential and purpose. We want to inspire and foster positive relationships between the generations that encourage growing and healthy families.

Our Playgroup, Kindy & Early Learning, College and Church are located on spacious grounds in South Toowoomba, in close proximity to the University of Southern Queensland.

Our History

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Highlands (formerly known as Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba) was first established in 1978 as a church with a congregation of just 15 people. Since then, Highlands has grown to become one of the largest churches in the region, impacting the lives of more than 3,000 people each week. From humble beginnings in the back of the church to the lush grounds and modern facilities we enjoy today, God has lead his people in the pursuit of learning, faith and life.

Today, Highlands Christian College is a vibrant learning community that has been blessed with 21st Century resources, exceptional staff and amazing facilities. Each year, Highlands continues to produce graduates of the highest calibre who are making a difference for God and for good, both locally and abroad.

Our Facilities

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Our campus is equipped with facilities that support our students as they develop their talents in the arts, sports, and academics.

From our library, to our science labs, dance studios, and multi-purpose centre, Highlanders thrive in a modern, dynamic learning environment.

Highlands Highfields

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In response to the growing population at Highfields, Highlands Christian College has purchased 100 acres of land and is excited to propose a new co-educational Campus. The new Highfields Campus is proposed to cater for Prep to Year 12, with onsite church, playgroup, Kindy and Early Learning, replicating our approach at the existing Campus in South Toowoomba.

Our Highfields Campus seeks to integrate the natural environment with learning, and has an emphasis on outdoor education, recreation, and agriculture. This approach is intended to be reflected in the Campus layout and building design.

The new Campus project has been lodged with the State Government for approval, with a view to opening for the 2026 school year. Learn more here.